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About the Wichita Baby Company

Devoted to the care and feeding of new parents. (And babies obv.)

Our story

In early 2013, owner and Family Care Coordinator, Sara Skiles, began working as a labor doula at Wichita Doula. It didn't take her long to realize that while birth support is incredibly important, it's when the parents get home with their new baby (and no longer have a call button!) that the real need for professional support and guidance comes in. We've now grown into a close-knit team of skilled family and infant care specialists!

Countless Wichita families have expressed their desire for experienced in-home support in the postpartum period, and help at night with babies who aren't big fans of sleeping. The Wichita Baby Company is here to fulfill those needs for modern parents who want to get their life with baby off to the best possible start, and create memories of the postpartum period that are sweet, rather than fraught with anxiety and exhaustion.

We're going to help you make parenting a baby as beautiful as you always dreamed it would be. All of the snuggles and coos, none of the tears and fears.


Professional and experienced

The qualified postpartum and infant care experts at the Wichita Baby Company are friendly, skilled, and bring a vast level of experience and training to the table.

  • Professionally Trained

  • Insured

  • Background Checked

  • CPR Certified

  • First Aid Certified

  • Objective & Nonjudgmental


Meet the Family Care Coordinator


CEO | family care coordinator | postpartum Doula | childbirth educator

Sara Skiles

Sara Skiles is a mother of two whose postpartum and parenting experiences have guided her toward her calling in life: education, support, and TLC for new families welcoming a baby into their home. She is passionate about educating parents about postpartum depression and anxiety, and has just the right magic touch for a fussy baby. Sara's clients love her humor, honesty, and nonjudgmental support; as well as her extensive range of training and experience in birth, breastfeeding, pumping, infant care, infant sleep, recovery from birth, and much more. Read Sara's full "online resume".






Activities & Affiliations

  • CEO of Wichita Doula, LLC

  • Manager of the Wichita Baby Gala

  • Manager of Wichita Doula's Annual Diaper Drive

  • Volunteer at El Dorado Breastfeeding Coalition

Fun Fact:

• Sara doesn't drink either wine or coffee. Is she even a legit mom who wears yoga pants and shops at Target?



What is a Postpartum Doula? And Other Terminology


postpartum doulas, Wichita Night Nurses, and NIGHT nannies in wichita ks

Postpartum Doula?

Also sometimes called infant and family care experts, a postpartum doula is a trained professional who helps people kick butt at parenting a new baby. They specialize in postpartum depression and anxiety, the care/sleep/feeding of new parents (and babies), breast and bottle, and helping with tasks and errands so parents can feel relaxed and enjoy their children. You typically purchase a package of hours of postpartum doula care so you can have one come to your home every day or almost every day during the first several weeks after birth.


Overnight Baby Doula?

Still a postpartum doula, except we care for your baby during the night while you sleep. We'll feed the baby (or bring them to you if you're exclusively breast feeding) and do the rocking, burping, and changing while you crank up your white noise app from 9pm to 7am.

Night Nurse or Night Nanny?

Someone who watches your baby overnight. We offer overnight baby doulas for this because you desire someone who carries professional credentials and is trained to support whole family wellness. Read more about why we prefer to be called postpartum doulas.