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Only the best for your ICT baby.

Postpartum & overnight newborn care for WICHITA families

Only the Best For Your ICT Baby



If you are a parent who enjoys eating, sleeping, and showering, you've come to the right place.

The Wichita Baby Company (a sister brand of Wichita Doula) is devoted to providing outstanding infant care in Wichita, helping you have an incredible and supported experience from the day you bring your baby home from the hospital. Our Wichita, KS postpartum and infant specialists transform your home from chaos to calm with compassionate, practical help - day or night.

Whether your baby is on the way and you are stressing about getting off to the best start, or your baby is in your arms and you haven't slept in a week, we will help you feel a little more confident and a lot less crazy when it comes to this whole parenting thing.

From postpartum doulas to childbirth classes to overnight infant care (night nanny, our specialists are here to help you get through this phase with mascara intact - you don't have to figure all this out alone.


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Here's How We'll Make Your Life Awesome

Postpartum doulas in wichita

Ever wish you could grow another set of arms, or clone yourself? That sounds painful, so here's a postpartum doula instead. We'll help with infant care and education, feeding, light household management, errands, and excellent conversation with a real adult so you don't go crazy every day.

Overnight Infant care (Night Nanny)

Don't wait until you start giving the dog a bottle and putting the baby in the kennel - you can actually have your baby and your sleep too. Be alert during the day for work (or just be a supermom errday) after your overnight baby doula maximizes your sleep from 9pm to 7am.

I Need Something But Don't Know What!

Maybe you're still expecting and you're not sure exactly what you need - that's okay, click the photo for the Family Care Coordinator's recommendations.

"...They did an absolutely phenomenal job. I was anxious about being alone with my 3 other kids and the baby when my husband had to go back to work...they didn't miss one single shift. I was able to take naps and rest while they looked after my other children, cooked our meals...kept me sane with company and conversation. This was my 4th baby and by far the best recovery I've ever had from childbirth. They were amazing all around..." - Amanda