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Welcome to the Wichita Baby Company!

Welcome to the Wichita Baby Company!



Thanks for stopping by! We're glad to see you. So, what's the Wichita Baby Company all about?



Our owner, Sara Skiles, first began practicing as a labor doula in 2013 under her business, Wichita Doula. She quickly learned that, while supporting parents through labor and delivery is an incredible joy, the postpartum and newborn period is when they really need support and care – about ten times more than they thought they needed! A lot of us don't have family in town (or ones that support our parenting choices unconditionally ;) ) and the postpartum period is a vulnerable time fraught with feeding struggles, recovery pains, uncertainties, and lack of sleep.

When Sara transitioned Wichita Doula from a solo business to an agency in 2016, she knew she had to focus more heavily on offering postpartum support to families, and quickly grew as parents realized they had found a reliable source of practical help during the day and blessed sleep at night.



The Wichita Baby Company allows us to separate our birth services a little from our postpartum family services, so our clients can find what they're looking for a little easier. Plus, the Wichita Baby Company is the first of its kind in Wichita to offer premium nanny placement services: we find, screen, and interview the nannies so you don't have to.




Daytime Postpartum Family Care in Wichita

We'll lend you a hand so you don't have to grow an extra one. With your postpartum doula in your home, all your friends will wonder how come you have clean hair and bright eyes so soon after having a baby. We'll make sure you get to take a shower or bath, fix you food, show you the best baby soothing tricks, sweep the floor, help you navigate breastfeeding, and be there to listen – because by day two you're going to want to talk to someone whose age is in the double digits.


Overnight Infant Care in Wichita

Ever heard of a night nurse or a night nanny? Well, an overnight baby doula is like that, only better. Get your sleep mask and your comfiest jammies, because your risk of health problems due to sleep deprivation is about to plummet. Our specialists arrive at 9pm and stay until 7am, handling the feeding/burping/changing/rocking process so you can be an alert and patient parent during the day. Breastfeeding friendly!


Nanny Placements in Wichita

By the time you've called seemingly every nanny in Wichita, you start to wonder if you might as well just quit your job and stay home. You don't need to find a nanny the hard way – we're doing the work of finding loving and experienced nannies in Wichita, interviewing and background checking them, so we can hand you someone who will fit in great with your family without the hassle.


Why Work with the Wichita Baby Company?

We are professionally trained experts in the field of pregnancy, birth, and babies – and we've devoted our lives to the care and feeding of new parents. We know what you need to feel calm, in control, and sane while balancing recovery from childbirth and raising your little humans, and we've essentially bottled it up for you. You just have to reach out and accept it. We pledge to provide excellent flexible care for you and your little family, show up when we say we will, and answer the phone every time you call.

So you see, you don't have to do this alone. You don't have to feel isolated, or like you can't find the time to shower, or like you're falling apart just a little even though you love your baby. Because we're here for you.