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Postpartum Doulas in Wichita Kansas

Caring For You So You Can Be the Best Parent Ever


So as it turns out, babies are a lot of work.

I mean, everyone and their mother told you it was going to be a lot of work. They said things like “enjoy your sleep now while it lasts” and “enjoy being able to shower”. You rolled your eyes and chuckled.

It's okay that they're a lot of work (That's why they were made to be so cute). You just need a lot of rock-solid, unbiased support (take however much you think you're going to need and imagine ten times that much), and day-to-day practical help so you don't have to microwave your coffee, buy stock in dry shampoo, and cry.

Can't a newly postpartum mom just rest and be taken care of and get a break when they need one?

You can have that, and it's called a postpartum doula.

We are trained, insured, CPR-certified professionals (though if you ask our clients they think we're actually fairy godmothers) who come to your home and help you navigate parenting a newborn, fix meals and snacks, take care of you, keep house, and make you feel like you have it all together even though you just gave birth. We are experts in normal recovery from childbirth, and the care and feeding of new parents (and their babies). With rates of postpartum depression and anxiety at an all-time high, combined with lack of close family and partners having to go back to work, having adequate postpartum support is more important than ever - and that's where we come in.

Is a postpartum doula right for me?

If any of these thoughts have ever run through your mind, you will be psyched about our postpartum doula care.

  • I'm not sure what I'm doing. I hope I don't mess up my baby!

  • Somebody ought to be fetching me snacks or rubbing my shoulders while I keep this baby alive with my boobs.

  • I wish the laundry would fold itself so I don't feel guilty about lying down with my baby.

  • I need to go to the store or an appointment, but I don't want to buckle and unbuckle the baby in the middle of flu season.

  • I literally have no clue what to do with this fifty-foot-long baby wrap...carrier...thing.

  • It'd be cool to eat with both hands again someday, I guess.

  • I wish someone would listen to me without judging or giving me unwanted advice.


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If you have a new baby, our postpartum doulas are the perfect support for you, because you believe in filling your cup so you can be what your family needs. The Wichita Baby Company is available days, nights, and weekends to take care of you and help you feel like the most confident parent in the world.

Rates from $27-$32 per hour depending on package. Checks, credit cards, and HSA/FSA accepted. Baby registry option available.

Sometimes you need a break from everything so you can cuddle your baby.

Sometimes you need a break from everything so you can cuddle your baby.

Sometimes you need a break from cuddling.

Sometimes you need a break from cuddling.


Care Packages


Happy Days

You can have us for months, weeks, or just a few days – we're flexible! We'll set up a schedule, or play it by ear, and turn your chaos into calm. Packages from as little as 20 hours to as much as 500+ hours available! You just contact us and we can discuss how much help you will need during the day after your baby arrives.



FAMILY CARE COORDINATOR RECOMMENDS: "I recommend starting with the Happy Days package. This 100-hour package is our most popular, and will ensure help during approximately the first 4-5 weeks postpartum."

Just a Break

Want to try it out first, or just need a few days' worth of help adjusting to the new normal? This 20-hour package ensures four 5-hour daytime shifts with a professional postpartum doula from Wichita Baby Company.


Fresh 48

Your baby doesn't come from the hospital with an instruction manual, but a postpartum doula is all that and more. We'll meet you at your house and spend those first two days and nights with you, providing round-the-clock support for those first baths, feedings, diaper blowouts, and hormonal fluctuations.