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Who Provides Overnight Newborn Care in Wichita? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Who Provides Overnight Newborn Care in Wichita?



How to ensure that you're choosing the best person to help your family get more sleep at night


I love talking to parents about what I do. It's so great to see their faces light up with hope and excitement - “you mean, a good night's sleep with a newborn is something money can actually buy?”


Oh love, yes, it most certainly is.


Although most comments are super excited and local Wichita parents can't wait to hire us to provide overnight baby doula services, we also get a few comments expressing sticker shock. “But that's expensive – can't I just hire a sitter for 8-10 bucks an hour and get the same thing?"

Spoiler alert: you can, but it definitely won't be the same thing. ;)

(Btw, you've also probably heard terms like “night nanny”, “night nurse”, or “baby nurse” - these are interchangeable terms for a person, not a registered nurse, who watches babies at night)



Interviewing and hiring sitters and nannies is a soul-sucking process. You have to spend hours posting online, making profiles, responding to messages, and then meeting people only to find out that their schedule doesn't mesh with yours, that they're only available one night a week, or that they don't have any special experience or training with infants. Awesome caregivers are definitely out there and we are blessed to know them, but finding them is like a needle in a haystack!


Our postpartum doulas are in the business of family care for the long haul, and are dedicated to caring for your baby the way you would yourself. They are always reliable, and really know their stuff when it comes to facilitating restorative sleep for the entire family. Sleep is the gift that keeps on giving in the form of future health and wellness!


As postpartum doulas, we have chosen to make this profession our career and our priority. Because we understand the magnitude of sensitive and rock-solid support during the vulnerable post-birth period, we prioritize each family's care to ensure that we're providing the absolute best service possible. By investing into our training and credentials, we can support wellness for the entire family to get you off to a beautiful start. And by charging a sustainable wage, we can provide jobs for women in Wichita that allow us to drop what we're doing and prioritize serving you and your family.


This infographic breaks down the differences between the types of overnight newborn care providers including postpartum doulas, newborn care specialists, night nurses, night nannies, and baby nurses. You'll see why we provide postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists at the Wichita Baby Company!