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::GIVEAWAY:: Wichita Pilates Reformer Sessions


It’s giveaway time!

We are partnering with [Re]Form Pilates, a Wichita pilates studio, to give away four sessions of Pilates Reformer classes ($225 value).

[Re]Form Pilates, owned by Heidi Martens, provides one on one personal training, keto diet instruction, prenatal and postpartum fitness, and group fitness classes at their west Wichita studio.

What is a Pilates Reformer?

A pilates reformer is a tool you will find at your pilates studio to help you get the most out of your sessions. It resembles a small floor bed, with a moveable carriage on springs. The springs create resistance as you use your body and the machine to build your strength and flexibility!

Is Pilates Safe for Pregnancy?

Pilates is actually one of the most well-known types of workout for pregnant and postpartum parents. Because it helps you build core and pelvic floor strength, it can help your abdominal and pelvic muscles function optimally for a great postpartum recovery. Many of the poses and movements are easily modified for your safety and comfort during pregnancy - which is where Heidi comes in!

Let’s Enter the Giveaway!

It’s easy to enter! Here are the guidelines:

  • You must live in or near Wichita, KS

  • Enter the easy Rafflecopter giveaway below

  • Respond within 24 hours if we notify you of winning by email

That’s it! Click below.