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7 Things Second-Time Parents Don't Do


As I always say: your first kid is kind of a test run, right? Everything is new and exciting (or terrifying, depending on who you’re asking) and demands specialized products and rituals. God I love first time parents and their enthusiasm!

But by the time that second kid comes around, you’re just a little more relaxed. The first one seems to have grown up okay so far. You’ve thrown away some of those single-purpose baby products, and you no longer hyperventilate if a germ wafts into your child’s vicinity. As a mom of two, here are seven things that parents of multiple kids just. don’t. do.


  1. Cover the shopping cart

You spent twenty minutes trying to figure out how to hold your baby in one arm, and wrestle this piece of brightly-colored-fabric-with-holes onto the infant seat of the shopping cart at Target, so that little Bella won’t pick up the plague from chewing on the handle. You eventually chucked it, and with your next kid you gave the handle a quick swipe of the sanitizer wipes (maybe) and called it good.

2. Put shoes on a newborn

Those size-1 Converse sneakers were unbelievably cute, I agree with you there. But sometime around month 3 or 4 of your baby’s life, you realized one of the hidden secrets of life. Babies can’t walk. Their feet actually don’t touch anything outside of the house other than the inside of their socks. Baby shoes are a scam!

3. Print out photos

Photo prints and blown-up canvases of your firstborn’s first moments, kisses with mom and dad, every three month milestone, and first birthday probably adorn your walls. Not that you love your second born any less, of course, but I mean…you see them every day.

4. Update the baby book

Scrapbooking is all fun and games until there’s two of them and you’re outnumbered and by the time you finish wiping one’s butt, the other one has torn up an entire box of tissues. You hastily cram the paper and glue back into the closet, realizing that you’ve actually given birth to puppies.

5. Buy baby purees

Remember when you had time to spoon feed Jackson his sweet potato squash medley? With the airplane noises? In his little bib and high chair? You’re not exactly sure what “baby led weaning” is or what the rules might be, but you’re definitely into spooning an extra serving of whatever you’re already eating onto your 6-month-old’s tray.

6. Dress them cute

The poop, y’all. So much of it. And the spit-up. You had about 15 seconds to snap the picture in that ruffly gown or corduroy overalls before it was destroyed and just created more laundry for you. You learned fast - the second baby is either naked or in a onesie unless you’re going to church. And sometimes even then.

7. Bath rituals

You sanitized the sink, used a water temperature-testing rubber duckie, and gave your baby a spa treatment with organic oils. It was probably super precious in all the pics you took! However, the more kids you have, the more things start to count as a bath in your mind. Playing in the hose? Bath. Pulling out all the baby wipes and playing with them? Bath.

Thank goodness for the excitement and innocence of first time parents. You did so much to protect and pamper your baby, ensuring that they could grow up healthy, safe, and happy. You don’t love your second child any less, you’ve just learned which tasks are important and which are no longer consistent with your time and energy. You should probably keep having kids because you’re such a loving parent! ;)

Now that you have more kids, you’re outnumbered and I bet you could use an extra pair of hands either day or night. Our postpartum specialists can help you with your day to day needs for rest, nutrition, infant care, and household care; and your nighttime needs for SLEEP!